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H U N T   A L A S K A ' S   B E S T   W I T H   A L A S K A   M A S T E R   G U I D E   -   B R A D   D E N N I S O N

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Alaska’s Inside Passage winds its way through the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska.  These waters are protected from the ocean swells of the Gulf of Alaska by over 1,000 islands of all shapes and sizes.  The 16,000 miles of shoreline in the area are home to the mighty Alaska Brown Bear, the coastal black bear, Sitka blacktail deer, and the grey wolf.  Mountain goats are found at the higher elevations and bald eagles nest in the spruce and hemlock forests.

The waters of the Inside Passage are rich in marine life.  Humpback whales and orcas are favorites for our visitors, as are sea otters.  Sea lions and seals are common.  Dall porpoises play in the bow wake of the boat and harbor porpoises and even elephant seals are occasionally seen.

The bays along the mainland south of Juneau often terminate in tidewater glaciers.  We visit Tracy Arm, one of the most scenic bays along the mainland shoreline.  Icebergs of all sizes and descriptions are found in the bay and create an unforgettable photo op for our passengers.  The Sawyer Glaciers are found at the head of Tracy Arm.  The thunder of the calving ice and the deep blue of the glacier faces create an unreal experience for old and young alike.

These small group cruises are much different from the standard cruise ship vacation that the majority of visitors to Alaska experience.  Very up close and personal.